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for sale $1,850,000
5031 Georgia Street, Burnaby, British Columbia

5031 Georgia Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

5 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2441 sqft

More About Burnaby and its Real Estate

With a good history behind it, Burnaby is a great place that offers its share of sightly attractions and modern must haves for anyone looking to call it home. It is a busy part of the greater Vancouver area, earning the nickname of Metro Vancouver due to all of the commercial space that is located in this area for the enjoyment of Burnaby residents as well as those in their own districts. It is listed as the third-largest city in British Columbia and has plenty to offer anyone looking for all sorts of adventures.

Historically, the city earned its status as a living place in 1892, followed by its achievement of a city 100 years later in 1992. It is a combination area of 100 sq km in space, and has a suburban area with plenty of living space for all who are interested. The best part about a place like this is that it has a great ratio between people and agricultural land. By this, it means that anyone living in this area is going to be impressed with the balance between the suburbia and green parks that are great for families and strolls when the weather is nice. Between parks and rivers, there is plenty of nature to enjoy whilst living in an area that is perfect for getting all of the modern needs accomplished.

One of the best commercial attractions of this busy area is the Metropolis at Metrotown, the second largest mall in Canada. It offers all sorts of modern wonders and also employs its fair share of people. It is common attraction for tourists and Burnaby residents alike. Burnaby is on the SkyTrain Transit System, which will take residents all around if they do not have a car. Running from two stations, you can get virtually anywhere you need to in this diverse city.

With over 200 000 people living in Burnaby, this is a happening place with all of the assets that you are looking for in a place to call home. With a median household income of over $600 000, residents living in this area can expect to be introduced to people living comfortably with homes that will match their style of life.

The best feature of the happening Burnaby, despite the great features that you’ve read about already, is that it has been named the best city in Canada for it’s smooth running. The experts have determined that it has great cost efficiency, and effectiveness in how it deals with problems that come up within its limits. While no city is safe from bad things happening to it, this metropolitan area with all of its other benefits is said to have some of the best ways of dealing with it, much to everyone’s delight. Rich with history, great scenery, fantastic homes, and great people who know what they want, Burnaby is a great spot for the established family, of the young couple just starting out, and everything in between the two.