Outer Banks in North Carolina

Investment in property within the region of the Outer Banks in North Carolina has seriously benefitted the lives of many people over the last few decades. Still, I’ve noticed that it seems to be a relatively untouched topic of discussion, which makes me wonder why more potential investors aren’t considering this unique possibility. As far as I can tell, this page does the best job explaining everything about the Outer Banks. Read on for more information!

The Outer Banks are one of the United States of America’s truest, most appreciated gems for vacation getaways. Located off the East Coast of the U.S., in North Carolina, these barrier islands are famously beautiful and culturally significant masses which divide the coastline from the rest of the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are sublime, the State Parks are phenomenal, and the unique opportunity to dive in the wreckage of historic ships has put the Outer Banks on the map as a pristine locale within the country.

What many people do not realize is that over 50% of Outer Banks properties are vacated for most of the year; rental properties that are used to accumulate wealth for the purchasers. Most agree that this endeavor is a winning investment.

Do not be fooled, being a rental property owner is not easy. Do not underestimate the amount of work, and money, that is required to sustain a property to make sure that it is a wise investment. Other than the down payment and the mortgage, costs such as property management and maintenance, repairs, and updating, will never stop being a source of spent money, should you prioritize the status and health of your investment. Especially in areas such as the Outer Banks, managing and profiting from an investment property is a real challenge. But, if you’re up for it, it can lead to amazing rewards.

An investment property can be a great idea for a variety of reasons. If you qualify for a mortgage, real estate is one of the rare forms of investing that allows you to easily borrow from the bank, leverage your finances, and create a great return on your investment. Also, because of factors like depreciation and certain mortgage interest deductions, the income that you receive from your property investment should be coming in without losing money by paying taxes.

If you are interested in the potential of the Outer Banks area, and have rationally decided that an investment property in such a tourism-based area is a choice that you may genuinely be interested in making, or are simply curious about the prospect, allow me to share my educated insight on the matter:

Let me walk you through an ideal situation.

First, you will want to become acquainted with the area; ensuring this step is taken will you a better sense of the Outer Banks, which can be an invaluable contributor to your decision making. One effective way to do this is to visit the Outer Banks and spend time as a renter. Stay in a variety of rental properties on the various islands, and see what is right for you. This way, you can get a tangible, sensory impression of the place. This is a step you can do independently, but there are also property management companies, like Twiddy.com who specializes in Outer Banks rentals and their sales site TwiddySales.com who specializes in Outer Banks real estate, who will offer insight and assistance, and provide you with some informed perspectives in regards to being a possible purchaser.

Then, you will certainly want to reach out to an establish realtor in the area. There are many experienced professionals who specialize in this kind of deal, and usually the will offer free consultation, giving you the chance to discuss the options available to you within your budget. The variety of sellers and options will likely be wide in range, but not necessarily abundant in quantity. Hiring your own real estate agent is very beneficial, and will save you time and stress, ensuring that you efficiently find what you are looking for, specifically. A proper agent will also give you a truthful and reasonable projection as to what sort of rent you will be able to charge for the home, which will clarify the amount of earnings that you could expect to be gaining by purchasing the investment property. Whether you choose to do this before or after you visit the Outer Banks to scope out the scene, it is certainly an imperative step, in my opinion.

Keep in mind, you may want to be pre-approved for a mortgage if you are looking to make the purchase promptly. Getting pre-approved is free, and can make you seem a lot more legitimate of a contender by potential sellers and real estate agents. This process can also give you quite a specific estimate or limit as to what your budget is. Still, I suggest that you look into the many positive outcomes and negative drawbacks of a pre-approved mortgage to determine whether such a process is actually correct for you and your situation.

Why Invest In The Outer Banks?


A property in the Outer Banks gives you a second home that will, if managed correctly, pay sustain itself financially– don’t expect every expense incurred by owning the home to be covered, but a well-managed property well often, at least, get very close. If you are interested in having a relaxing home away from home available to you through most of the tourism off-season, a distinguished addition to your investment portfolio, and an active role in profiting from real estate, the Outer Banks is not a bad place to choose to invest.

Compared to more mainstream resort areas, the Outer Banks are distinctly more affordable. The many sterling qualities of the Outer Banks have caused the area to become so popular that a well-maintained investment property will be occupied for the entire peak season. Though the summer is obviously the most popular time to visit the island getaway, there are many who prefer to visit in the Spring and Fall. Fall is famous for beautiful skies and less raucous beach parties than the ones that occur during the summer, though many find them to be just as fun!

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